Helping People Make Fulfilling Career Choices

I coach people unsure of their next career move.  I ask questions so you can get clear on what’s not working for you now.  Then you can decide what you want to do about it.  I help you clarify what you want, then support with your job search, your CV, and your interview strategy.

My own career hasn’t been an easy journey.  I’ve been made redundant through company restructures, I’ve been made to leave a job because my ability to perform and get results was making a colleague look bad.  I’ve chosen to leave roles because of stress levels or toxic environments.  And through all of this, I have kept my curiosity for people and life, and my passion for learning.

Now, I use all of this, and my coach training, to help people like you build awareness of yourself and your career choices and encourage you into action based your own thoughts and feelings to help you lead a happier, and more fulfilling, life.


Meet Jenny

I’ve been on my own path of self-discovery for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was curious and asked so many questions (yes, I was that child on long car journeys!).  As I got older, I began to travel more.  I met new people and lived and worked in foreign countries and cultures, and I got even more curious.

I wanted to know how other people experience our world.  What did they learn at school?  What were their perceptions and opinions on different topics? I realised that where you are from, what you have learned and the experiences you have gathered are what makes you unique and that is why I love coaching.


Here are the programmes I currently offer.  Click on the links to read more.


You are unique.  And you must sell your uniqueness to future employers.  If you are not clear on what makes you you, your career may be stalling.  You may be stuck in a job that doesn’t allow you to live up to your true capability.  I call this job adversity.  By identifying and owning who you are, you have the ability and choice to move towards career prosperity.

My 6-module progamme will help you to learn who you are.  By identifying what you do well, what you enjoy, and what you can get paid for, you will discover the path towards your true career.

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Happiness can feel elusive because we very rarely take time to define it for ourselves.  We live most of our lives in accordance with the expectations others have on us and our assumptions of who we think we should be and how we should behave. 

My programme will help you to get clear on what happiness is for you, and help you set goals around what you want.  You will explore how you see yourself in relation to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  You will think about how you want to be seen.  This will allow you to make deliberate decisions on how to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to become what you want. 

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