Go From Job Adversity to Career Prosperity

1This 6-module progamme will help you to identify your brand.  By identifying what you do well, what you enjoy and what you can get paid for, you will discover the path towards the sweet spot for your career.

1. Clarifying Your Current Pain and Your Next Opportunity Goal

Until you get clear on exactly why you want to leave your current role, it is difficult to muster the enthusiasm and commitment to search for something else.  As soon as you are able to articulate what it is that causes you pain and frustration, you have a real reason to do something about it.  In this first session you will gain clarity on what you want and don’t want.

2. Identifying Your Unique Values and Top Priorities

Most companies these days have values that inform the actions and behaviours of their employees as they go about their tasks.  As individuals, we hold values, and these may, or may not, align with the corporate values we are expected to uphold in our day jobs.  But how often do we really get to examine our own value set?  This session will give you that opportunity.

3. Discovering Your Very Own Natural Gifts and Talents

Every single one of us has something special we can do with ease and joy.  Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of us know exactly what that is.  We may think, or were led to believe, that our natural born talent was something that was frivolous, unproductive, self-indulging, or (worst-of-all) “normal”!  As children, we may have assumed that everyone could do what we could do and so considered ourselves and our abilities “normal”.  Discover yours here.

4. Positioning Your Real Value

When you embark on a job search, you are, in effect, selling yourself – your unique skill and talent set.  You are the best version of you at this very moment and you have expert knowledge about yourself.  Now it is about figuring out what it is about you that makes you a good investment option for a potential employer.  The interview process is a two-way street.  You get the opportunity to size up the employer as much as they get the opportunity to determine if you are the person they are looking for.  When you enter an interview with this concept of an equal balance of power, the whole interview experience can shift dramatically in your favour.  Learn how to prepare yourself and get your message across.

5. Exploring Potential Avenues to Pursue

Knowing your own brand, its features (your unique gifts and talents) and benefits (the value you bring), is only half of the story.  You can have the best, most interesting and exciting brand in the world, but until you have the right buyer (employer), your brand is being misused and wasted.  The next step in your career prosperity journey is to identify who might be your possible buyers, and what resources you are going to use to best market yourself.

6. Staying Motivated and Resolute

It’s often said that looking for a job is a full time job.  While it can be time consuming and it will require energy, dedication and commitment, it is something that can be an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling experience.  Discover where your motivation is and how to encourage yourself to keep going.

Your Investment:

£600 (includes coaching, worksheets, and free 30-min follow-up session)

Additional Extra: Marketing Material Review Session

You can choose to invest in an additional 90-minute session that will focus 100% on the development of your CV, basic cover letter and career portfolio.  In order to get the most from this, it will be scheduled after the fifth session, which will allow you the time you need to begin to incorporate your new thinking into your existing documents.

Add this on for £150 extra