Jenny Thow | Stepping Stones Learning

Stepping Stones to Happiness

This course will help you to get clear on what happiness is for you, and help you set goals around what you want.  You will explore how you see yourself in relation to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and how you want to be seen, allowing you to make deliberate decisions on how to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to be more in line with what you want.



Our first month is all about getting clear on what it is we want for ourselves and where we are today in relation to that.  This is the “what” part of our happiness and is only half the story.  The part we tend to forget is the “who” element of our happiness and so we will spend some time defining not only how we see ourselves today, but also rediscovering our talents and values so we can live more true to ourselves.

Destination: Happiness

You will be starting your journey to get much clearer on what makes us happy as individuals, and what happiness might look like for you in your life. You’ll also see where you are today on your journey to your own happiness.

What’s My Happy?

Here is where you get the chance to define and clarify what you want and what will make you happier in different areas of your life.

Who Am I?

Most adults have lost their sense of self, their natural talents and their gifts.  Recapturing and remembering what those are can bring new happiness and direction to our lives.

Who Do I Want to Be?

Knowing what’s important to us, our values, and the behaviours and characteristics we admire in others helps us make more conscious choices about our own thoughts, actions and behaviours.


The second part of the course expands on this notion of “who” we are and our thoughts, feelings and behaviours that define us in our own eyes and in the eyes of others.  Who we are as we go about our tasks and responsibilities can greatly affect the outcome, and so this section allows you to redefine what you believe about yourself and declutter what isn’t working for you in your life.

Unleashing My Confidence

Our confidence gets knocked in so many ways and we fall victim to ourselves, others and our surroundings.  So let’s rethink that!

My Own Worst Enemy No More

Stress comes to us via many avenues.  Learning to identify good and bad stress and how it affects us can help us have it work to our benefit.

Becoming A New Me

Taking care of ourselves is not the same as being selfish.  Uncover how to take better care of yourself so you can fully experience life.

Clearing Out The Old Me

Our physical surroundings, habits, friends, and routines can keep us shackled to a version of ourselves we no longer wish to be.  Learn how to rearrange your surroundings into something that works better for you now.


The final part of this course builds upon all the work you will have done so far, both in the workshops and in your daily life, and will help you to determine how to keep yourself motivated and accountable to your goals and plans.

From Intention To Action

Nothing happens based only on intentions.  There must be action, and action can require creativity.  We are all more creative than we realise.  Unlock your creativity to bring even more happiness and joy into your life.

Focusing On My Happiness

Our most precious resource is time, and we all get 24 hours each day.  How we choose to use our time, either consciously or subconsciously, can dramatically affect our happiness, success and satisfaction.  Learn how to balance your most precious resource and how to focus on your priorities.

Keeping Up My Motivation

We must be motivated to convert intention and ideas into action.  Learn what motivates you, what excites you into action and how to call upon these more easily.

Holding Myself Accountable

When we say “yes” to someone or something else, we are often saying “no” to ourselves and our own needs.  Being accountable to ourselves above anyone else is a mindset we can learn and leverage for the benefit of everyone.

I very much look forward to being your co-pilot on your new adventure and your journey to more happiness and greater fulfillment.